What PEI's Clients & Business Associates Have to Say

"About a year ago we made a strategic decision to take all of the property management services for our home portfolio to Professional Equities, Inc. A decision that we have never regretted and was the best decision we could have made.
PEI has done an excellent job in managing our home portfolio. They have maximized our revenue while enhancing the NOI by reducing operating costs and taking advantage of economies of scale as we ramped up the portfolio. Their market knowledge is impressive because even in these difficult economic times, our occupancy has steadily increased week after week and the number of days a unit is under 30 days on average now where we previously experienced 60-120 days of vacancy loss with our prior firm.

Their cadre of supervisors, maintenance techs, and leasing agents are extremely knowledgeable and always looking for ways to save costs and manage resources effectively. They have implemented programs to increase both resident retention and resident relations.

PEI is able to take advantage (due to the number of units under their management) of purchasing power with various suppliers and vendors and they pass that savings to their clients, resulting in lower cost per door expenses.

PEI has an excellent accounting platform and a very detailed monthly reporting package that is easy for ownership to read. We are now able to have complete visibility on our portfolio not only on a monthly basis but weekly as well. The weekly dashboard report they send us is extremely helpful in seeing how the portfolio is tracking from week to week.

I wholeheartedly recommend their management services to any owner, lender, or insurance company who is either holding for long term or preparing a project for disposition. PEI will manage your project and enhance the bottom line and manage the asset as if they owned it themselves. "
---Elizabeth Goldman, Executive Vice President, Jersey Jennings, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

"We have been using PEI for over 12 months now and have had a very positive experience with them. PEI has played an invaluable role in the value creation of our portfolio and hence our investment as a direct result of their management efforts. PEI has done an outstanding job in the following areas:

  • 1. Created accurate monthly financial reporting which enables us to easily obtain potential debt on our portfolio.
  • 2. Excellent job of screening tenants creating additional profits by reduction in turnover and maintenance costs.
  • 3. Excellent feedback from tenants on the level of care and customer service.
  • 4. Treated us very fairly and competitively on any repairs and other costs associated with maintaining the portfolio.

I highly recommend Professional Equities, Inc. as a management company. They have greatly increased the value of our portfolio, made our investment in St. Louis more profitable, and most importantly PEI has significantly reduced the requirements of my management team here in Los Angeles in overseeing the project which has allowed us to focus on some of our other projects. PEI treats us as a true partner with the view of establishing a long term great working relationship."
---Paul Jennings, Owner, Jersey Jennings, LLC, Los Angeles, CA

"Professional Equities, Inc. was given to us by our project manager at the local HUD office. Their reputation preceded them. We were looking for a full service management team that would maintain our beautiful community, provide excellent customer service to our residents, provide accurate and timely financial reports and maintain a high level of compliance with HUD. We have experienced a courteous relationship from PEI and their responsiveness reflects their sense of responsibility and professionalism. The accuracy and promptness of their monthly financial reporting allows us to have current knowledge of the financial health of the community. The appearance of our community, the satisfaction of our tenants, and the increasing financial health of our community speak for the quality, professionalism and expertise of Professional Equities, Inc."
-Larry Purley, President, Board of Directors, Peace Villa, Inc.

"I have personally known Bob and Greg Rives for over twenty years. I hold Bob, Greg, and their company in the highest regard. I consider Bob a friend, a confidant, and a mentor. They are hard working, diligent, creative and trustworthy businessmen. Over the years the Bank has lent money to more than one entity that PEI has controlled. These loans have always been handled extremely well and have been paid as agreed. You couldn't work with finer men that Bob and Greg Rives."
-David J. Mishler, Vice Chairman, The Business Bank

"It has been our pleasure over the many years to have worked with Professional Equities, Inc. and to have provided the financing for many of their properties through various programs. Their company has always proven to be professional and experienced and highly regarded in the industry. As HUD/FHA and Fannie Mae rely heavily on the management company's reputation for their programs, PEI has been held in high regard by these agencies and Love Funding as the lender."
-Robyn L. Cunningham, First Vice President - Senior Originator, Love Funding

"Our agency has personally conducted business with Professional Equities, Inc. in excess of twenty years. We have always enjoyed a very friendly and professional relationship with all personnel. Payments are always received in a prompt manner as are responses to requests for necessary information. We have found the staff is quite cooperative with claims personnel and loss control staff alike. In our experience, the properties managed by Professional Equities, Inc. are well maintained and exhibit a very enviable appearance. We find the curb appeal of their properties exceed that of neighboring competitive properties."
-Patti Rask, Young Insurance Agency

"Professional Equities, Inc. has been one of our valued customers for over 10 years. They are a professional organization in every sense of the word. We maintain close communication with the company's knowledgeable staff. As a company and group professionals, they are effective and efficient. We respect and admire their professionalism and commitment to excellence."
-Barbara L. Fritz, President, CS Flooring

"During the course of our legal work for PEI, we have found PEI's on-site and corporate staff to be extremely professional, competent and courteous. PEI reputation in the real estate ownership and management industry is exemplary."
-Terry Pabst, The Law Office of Terry Pabst, P.C.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Professional Equities, Inc. as a member and, now as President of the GPVA Accessible Housing Board. During that time, the properties entrusted to PEI have been managed extremely well, maintaining them within budget and according to federal guidelines. As their name implies, this is a professional (and ethical) organization which I would recommend."
-Rev. John S. Morton, President GPVA Accessible Housing Board for Gateway 1 & 2