Gregory L. Rives

President & Chief Executive Officer

After working his way up company ranks, Gregory Rives became Chief Executive Officer of PEI in 2013.

In his almost three decades of service to the company, Rives was instrumental in the acquisition and management of multiple multi-family properties, self-storage facilities and public golf courses totaling more than $40 million in assets under management. His plan for the firm is to continue to effectively manage the current portfolio while acquiring additional properties through third-party fee management engagement and/or acquisition or development.

Additionally, Rives manages the day-to-day operations of the firm and heads it development and acquisition arm. His vast knowledge of benchmarks in the St. Louis asset management market allows Professional Equities to quickly identify attractive acquisition opportunities and tailor reinvestment plans that will ultimately enable such properties to achieve optimal valuation over the long term.

Rives is a licensed real estate broker-officer in Missouri.