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At Professional Equities, it's our people and our
passion for mutual success that set us apart.

St Louis Apartment Rentals | St Louis Property Management

Professional Equities, Inc. is your hometown resource for St. Louis apartment rentals. We also offer St. Louis property management for our real estate owners. Visit one of our properties today or call our office at 636-519-7255 PEI is a diversified real estate management, partnership and development company that since 1969 has

  • created one of the largest apartment management portfolios in metro St. Louis - 11 communities and 1,400+ units
  • developed new properties, for sale or for rent, from the ground up
  • transitioned underutilized buildings to a higher economic use
  • stabilized distressed properties and restored them to profitable use
  • re-positioned and then quickly monetized stagnant properties.

  • Online C For Beginners...masters

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